A lot of plans

Well, I've braved the queues and I am now officially a uni student and I have the unflattering ID photo to prove it. It'd be nice if we were allowed to provide a photo we liked..... then again, I need that ID this year.

I have a few more days before classes start up so I might even get that Ottobre jacket started and even possibly, finished. I've found a stretch denim I like and want to use and coward sensible sewer that I am, I've pulled out some calico to doublecheck the fit before I cut into it. Maybe tomorrow.

Also on the plan this week - scraping and washing the exterior of the bedroom window frames and replacing the window putty (is it called sash putty?). The plan is to spend Easter painting the new extensions and the South wall so it's all weatherproofed before winter hits. (You can stop those rain dances now, Belinda ;-) ) Oh, and the garden really needs some attention. Sigh. I wonder what apartment living is like.