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Helllooo? Is there anyone out there still?

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone has packed up and gone home, figuratively.

Crafting (or is that crafty-ness?) is in short supply at my house. There's no sewing to report. All I've managed is to hem some jeans and sew some buttons on. The crocheting of granny squares is proceeding slowly- around 200 more black squares to do. I've done about a third of all the squares (colour and black) that I need for this afghan, and in typical fashion I already have the yarn for the next project sorted out. Despite not getting any sewing etc done myself I am still reading blogs, but not really commenting. I'm living vicariously through everyone else out there. :)

Work, on the other hand, is ongoing as always. The thesis is slowly being chipped away which is a relief.

In the meantime I've diverted my 'creative' urges into another blog called thoughtstopia where I'm dumping all my thoughts, or the 'thinky' stuff as one friend called it. Sometimes it'…