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Jalie 965 Tanktop - wadder?

I sewed something. I actually sewed something!

Yesterday I just couldn't concentrate on work and felt lousy. Rather than just lie on the couch and veg out, I thought I could probably handle tracing out. I briefly contemplated tracing the Ottobre coat, but the thought of all those lines on the paper and big pattern pieces... I couldn't face it. So I dragged out two Jalie patterns because DD1 has been claiming "nothing" to wear.Even though we're going into winter she's wanting camisoles and tanktops. Go figure. (rolling eyes) Then I faced the problem of trying to work out what size to trace, without current measurements and with a fussy teen with definite ideas on what she wants. It was difficult, involved measuring tees she liked and a long conversation with Judy on the phone. Admittedly, the phone call wasn't necessary for the sewing/tracing, but it was good to remind myself what Judy's voice sounds like. :)

Eventually I guessed a size (which luckil…
Hi to anyone who's still reading.... yep, I'm still here!

Where does the time go? And with no sewing for me. :( Although I have spent some time at the sewing machine. Wow, those things can really gather dust when you don't use them.

First up, I scared the machines one evening when, in a fit of enthusiasm, I finally pulled the living room curtains down and replaced the rufflette tape. Is that what you call it? You know, the stuff you put the hooks in that stretches all out if the ready-mades have cheap tape on them and then the curtains hang droopily and ugly. Well, my curtains now hang all prettily again, and it has only taken 3 years to get them done.

Then on Sunday my sister turned up with 4 pairs of jeans for me to hem. Sigh. Not exactly inspiring stuff.

And I want to sew! Which is not unexpected when I'm busy, lol. My kids have learnt to procrastinate from a master. My mojo positively ran amok the other day trying to tempt me and I had to walk away. I did however sk…