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More Ottobre Tees

Why is it that the day before uni starts back the mojo also comes back?

Today I was thrown back into the insanity that is full-time study (this time post-grad. Gosh I love saying that. Post-grad, , post-grad, post-grad....) so, of course, Saturday I had a "what am I going to wear" attack, which of course led to emptying out the wardrobe.... That took care of Saturday. Along the way my linen cupboard also got reorganised which had nothing to do with my wardrobe, but did desperately need doing. And I wonder why I have nothing to wear. Sheesh.

Anyway, yesterday I felt I really should do some sewing. I fell back on the trusty Ottobre gathered neck tee (Ottobre 02-2007-04) which seems to be the backbone of my wardrobe. Well, the stuff that gets worn. Because we've had hot weather lately, I made short-sleeved tees, thus guaranteeing the rain and cool temperatures today. Both came from stash and snuck in at being sewn before the fabric reached the 2 year mark.

The first tee I lik…

There's a song stuck in my head...

Help! I read one measly reference to Immanuel Kant and now I can't get the Philosopher's Song out of my head. (Warning - some language may offend)

" “Scientists call songs that get stuck in your head “earworms,” after the German Ohrwurm." (The Situationist). Really? They couldn't come up with a better name than that?