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Long time, no see

I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last posted!

Well, ok I can because it's been hectic. Warning: Pity party bleat to follow - My Mother fell ill and died in August; the work/study thing has been busy, busy, busy; DH is still commuting to long-distance work which adds stress and makes life lonely at times; and I have 2 teens and a tween who's desperately trying to prove she too can exhibit teen behaviour. Phew!!! My hairdresser is certainly proving her worth keeping the grey at bay. Anyway, pity party over.

Still no coat - which is my fault for not chasing up the proper interfacing for a while. Between Spotlight's lack of stock and the rude lack of service I received at Anne's Fabrics when I asked, it was ages before I got around to getting some. By the time I did SL had it back in stock. Plus I found a totally much more beautiful lining at the same time so obviously I was supposed to be slack take my time. It's all at Judy's house just waiting …