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Catching Up.

Phew, it's been a while since I posted. I've been head down struggling with motivation to write an assignment on, of all things, motivation. Ironic, huh? :) I have another couple of assignments due in quick succession before a few days breather so I'll probably be a bit quiet for another week or two on the sewing front. I am reallyhanging out to sew something! Even a wheatbag is looking good, especially with the cold snap forecast for the weekend.

I had the shock of my life the other day when my 2 DD's brought up the possibility of them sharing a room so I could have a 'study' (hmmm.... I'm sure my sewing desk would fit in too...). I'm keen to get that done before they change their minds. I've wanted a sewing room study for a while now. I think they're a bit tired of being kicked out of the rumpus room so I can work so I'll have to make sure I need to work in there a lot until I get those rooms changed. (wicked laughs)

And just for something s…

Comments and Coverstitch

Well, I'm finally getting around to commenting on the comments.

Thanks Allisonc, Kat, Lindsay t, Paula, Rachelle and Alexandra for your comments about the black top. The general consensus seems to be taking in the sides. At the moment, however, it's sitting to one side awaiting some time and enthusiasm to tackle it again.

Um, to everybody who can't wait to see what I make from the laces...... neither can I! ;)

Dawn, Hubby can't believe I've reduced the stash that much either. He wanted to know how much of a percentage reduction that was for the year (slightly less than 2%, gulp).

Kat and Sherril, I had to pick and choose which items to sew. I'll be keeping an eye out for a sweatshirt or two for DD at the shops.

Paula asked about the mock-coverstitching. I'm not original. I got this tip years ago from my friend Judy (yep, the very pregnant one) and it's great for when I can't be bothered changing over the overlocker. I have seen it in a book since, but it…

Reducing the stash

I'm still here, just been snowed under with 'stuff'. On a good note, at long last the stash stats are going in the right direction! :) and I am finally in the negatives for the year.

Friday, I took the day off to get a bit of sewing done. I had planned to make myself another top, or two. Unfortunately 'mommy guilt' kicked in and the sight of my youngest in trousers that were threatening to become capris was enough to change the focus. All up, I made 3 pairs of trousers and 2 long-sleeved tees.

Trousers #1 - Burda 9867, sized up to a size 8, in purple polycotton sweatshirt fleece.

Top #1 - Kwik Sew 2893, size M (7-8), view A. This is the last of the knit that I used to line the hood of DD's jacket in January. I lettuce edged the cuffs, hems and neck binding with hot pink.

Top #2 - also Kwik Sew 2893. This time view B. I shortened the short sleeves and made a false long sleeve to attach underneath.

Trousers #2 - Burda 9867, green velour with 'mock coverstitch'…

Ssshhh... don't tell anyone

I, *ahem* bought more fabric (the other lace). I know, I know. You're all saying 'big surprise'. Admittedly, it'd be a bigger surprise if I sewed some.....
The blecch black top is still just sitting waiting. I'm torn between the thought that sewing time is precious and do I want to spend it fixing things, or the other spin -that sewing time is precious so I don't want the time I've already invested to have been a waste so it is worth fixing. If I do have a another go at it then the general consensus seems to be to take in the side seams. Thank you all for the suggestions.

Dawnasked So is Ottobre like Burda? The patterns and directions are in it already?
Ottobre is a magazine like Burda, complete with the scary patternsheets that you trace the patterns from and brief, but adequate, instructions. It may look scary but it's really not that hard. Just trace off the pattern pieces you want in the size you want.

Some actual sewing next week, I promise. Although d…

Life is good

Yesterday morning we woke to this -

Quite aside from the portent of bad weather, there is something that just fills you with awe at such a sky. Everything was glowing pink. This photo was taken about halfway thru as it started fading. Of course, hubby was carrying on about a red dawn meaning blood would be spilt this day. Men!

Following on from my last post, I had a think about my "wardrobe plan" (snort, such as it is). It still needs work i.e. I still need to do an actual plan, but I've started thinking about it which is, at least, a start. :) So far I've come up with brown and teal/blues for the new pieces.

I've also let myself be persuaded by Aless who thought I should go get the lace. It didn't take much arm-twisting. Today I went to Fabric Barn to see if it was still there. If it was, I planned to buy 2 - 2.5 metres. There was a much-depleted roll and when I nervously took it to the counter, heart pounding, palms sweating, there was just over 2 metres. It m…

No sewing, but some buying

I had to pop into the fabric store the other day and of course something had to keep me company on the way home. (Obviously my DD wasn't with me, lol)

Looking at these I realise that I need to look at doing a SWAP. Or at least go through and plan my wardrobe a bit better. I haven't narrowed down colours or made a plan. Unless you count 'black' with other colour. At Uni I tend to wear jeans or black trousers and a top -one of my Ottobre tees or one of the few RTW shirts I have. The most obvious gap is in the top layer - cardies, jacket etc. They're all black. Yep, I have a uniform. I think I will have to take some time and work out what I have and what I need and maybe introduce a bit of variation.

On that note, I still haven't been back to get that lace. I like it. I really do like it. But I slept on it and have decided that it could wait a week or so. I only had a vague idea what I could do with it and I'd have been buying it for the lifestyle I want rather …

Black Clouds and Black Top

Well I spoke too soon. Warm spell, hah! Cold, rain and there's hail supposedly on the way. Still, I guess they had a 50% chance of being right (snort!).

I worked on the black top last night but it needs more. The fabric grew a bit and it seems I was a bit over-enthusiastic in adding extra for the 'girls'.

You can see, there's just too much fabric in the bodice piece, especially around the sides. It's the whole batwing thing. I could do a flying squirrel impersonation with this! And it's very low cut!
As I see it, there are several options available to me: 1) I can throw this on the wadder pile, 2) I could have plastic surgery to fill up the bodice but that seems a bit extreme and then I'd have to learn to make even bigger FBA's. I don't think so!3) I could take it apart (including that overlocked bodice seam, sob) and cut it down or cut new bodice pieces4) I could leave the nicely finished seam and just put in a horizontal bust dart to take up the exc…