No sewing, but some buying

I had to pop into the fabric store the other day and of course something had to keep me company on the way home. (Obviously my DD wasn't with me, lol)

Looking at these I realise that I need to look at doing a SWAP. Or at least go through and plan my wardrobe a bit better. I haven't narrowed down colours or made a plan. Unless you count 'black' with other colour. At Uni I tend to wear jeans or black trousers and a top -one of my Ottobre tees or one of the few RTW shirts I have. The most obvious gap is in the top layer - cardies, jacket etc. They're all black. Yep, I have a uniform. I think I will have to take some time and work out what I have and what I need and maybe introduce a bit of variation.

On that note, I still haven't been back to get that lace. I like it. I really do like it. But I slept on it and have decided that it could wait a week or so. I only had a vague idea what I could do with it and I'd have been buying it for the lifestyle I want rather than the lifestyle I have. Of course, now I've found this Burda Plus top from Burda Plus E956 Autumn/Winter

I might be tempted to go back for that lace fabric after all. :)


Anonymous said…
Oooooo...Burda lace top is just gorgeous. I really think you need that lace,Keely!(I went to a seminar run by a professional organiser,and she has 3 categories for "stuff" we can keep - need,use,LOVE. I think you could apply the latter??!!)
Aless in SA
Kat said…
Mmmm! I love your fabric choices!
Judy R said…
But if you buy it, you will HAVE the lifestyle you WANT. At least that'd be my logic/justification for buying it!
MareeAlison said…
Thanks for enabling Keely. I'd forgotten I had this magazine and this pattern. I'd best dig it out because I have some lace I think somewhere. ;)
Have you seen the new Burda Plus magazine on the Burdamode site. Some reaaaaaly nice things.