Ssshhh... don't tell anyone

I, *ahem* bought more fabric (the other lace). I know, I know. You're all saying 'big surprise'. Admittedly, it'd be a bigger surprise if I sewed some.....

The blecch black top is still just sitting waiting. I'm torn between the thought that sewing time is precious and do I want to spend it fixing things, or the other spin -that sewing time is precious so I don't want the time I've already invested to have been a waste so it is worth fixing. If I do have a another go at it then the general consensus seems to be to take in the side seams. Thank you all for the suggestions.

Dawn asked So is Ottobre like Burda? The patterns and directions are in it already?
Ottobre is a magazine like Burda, complete with the scary patternsheets that you trace the patterns from and brief, but adequate, instructions. It may look scary but it's really not that hard. Just trace off the pattern pieces you want in the size you want.

Some actual sewing next week, I promise. Although don't expect too much. :) It'll be, as Sew-4-fun terms it, McSewing for quantity.


Anonymous said…
EX. buy,Keely!! You're a girl after my own heart....(I try to tell DH that there ARE others like me,but :-{......)
Kat said…
Glad you bought it--that is such pretty fabric!

Completely understand about the time investment on the sewing project. A month ago I finished working on a project that turned out to be a big 'ol wadder. And I was hedging about whether I should try to salvage it or not because of the time investment. Finally decided the fabric was a b*tch to sew (it was cheap too) and SO not worth it. That was *after* an entire day of working on it :( . What a wasted day!
Dawn said…
Thank you for the picture of that other magazine. Yup, it looks just like Burda.

I just made a horrible grey/brown dress that is bleccccchhhh. I still have to hem the lining but it is going to hang in my closet for a few weeks before I do anything to it. I am hating it right now. I am hoping time with lessen my feelings.
Judy R said…
Damn, I was just across the road from Fabric Barn today! Should have gone in to see if any of this was left. (Not that I need it any more than you do!) What does it want to be when it grows up? (Or rather, which Ottobre T will it be?)
Bunny said…
This lace is just so unique and yummy. I know you will transform it into something quite special when the time comes.
Mom2fur said…
I think the lace is pretty!
Ottobre is to die for, the children's wear is so unique. I haven't done anything for a woman, though.
The pattern sheets are scary, yes. But at least they are color-coordinated by style. That does help, especially if you use the guide along the edge of the page. I use exam table paper (I work for a doctor) to trace my patterns. It works really well!
I would say, though, the instructions are awful and definitely not for a beginner.