Black Clouds and Black Top

Well I spoke too soon. Warm spell, hah! Cold, rain and there's hail supposedly on the way. Still, I guess they had a 50% chance of being right (snort!).

I worked on the black top last night but it needs more. The fabric grew a bit and it seems I was a bit over-enthusiastic in adding extra for the 'girls'.

You can see, there's just too much fabric in the bodice piece, especially around the sides. It's the whole batwing thing. I could do a flying squirrel impersonation with this! And it's very low cut!

As I see it, there are several options available to me:

1) I can throw this on the wadder pile,

2) I could have plastic surgery to fill up the bodice but that seems a bit extreme and then I'd have to learn to make even bigger FBA's. I don't think so!

3) I could take it apart (including that overlocked bodice seam, sob) and cut it down or cut new bodice pieces

4) I could leave the nicely finished seam and just put in a horizontal bust dart to take up the excess droop

or 5) I could take in the whole side seam and make the top fit more snugly widthwise. This might work? Do you think? There is certainly room to take out a bit of width.

So what do you think? Wadder, or worth fixing?

For the moment it's going to be dumped on the desk while I bury myself in writing yet more assignments. Roll on holidays!


AllisonC said…
I was thinking option 5 myself before I even got that far down your list. However I despise unpicking more than anything so I tend to "cheat" if I can. I definitely think it's worth saving - why don't you just try handbasting the side seams all the way down first and see how it looks?
Kat said…
Tell you what. I'd pick the last option because it's the easiest way to make a wadder into a wearable. My view is if you're in love with the fabric, it's worth trying to save.
Lindsay T said…
I agree with Kat. Only invest time in wadders if you love the fabric. But it does look salvageable.
Paula said…
I think it's definitely worth some effort to save. Inside, it's a really cute top yearning to be free.
Rachelle said…
I agree with everyone else! Keep in mind that I'm a sewing noob, but it looks to me like if you take a bit in on either side, that might solve your problem. If it were my top, I'd probably make a moderate curve from the armpit to the waist seam on either side, and handbaste it like allisonc says, to check the fit!

Good luck, and post pictures!
Alexandra said…
I agree with Allison: baste or pin the side seams, then take them in. I really like the neckline.