Comments and Coverstitch

Well, I'm finally getting around to commenting on the comments.

Thanks Allisonc, Kat, Lindsay t, Paula, Rachelle and Alexandra for your comments about the black top. The general consensus seems to be taking in the sides. At the moment, however, it's sitting to one side awaiting some time and enthusiasm to tackle it again.

Um, to everybody who can't wait to see what I make from the laces...... neither can I! ;)

Dawn, Hubby can't believe I've reduced the stash that much either. He wanted to know how much of a percentage reduction that was for the year (slightly less than 2%, gulp).

Kat and Sherril, I had to pick and choose which items to sew. I'll be keeping an eye out for a sweatshirt or two for DD at the shops.

Paula asked about the mock-coverstitching. I'm not original. I got this tip years ago from my friend Judy (yep, the very pregnant one) and it's great for when I can't be bothered changing over the overlocker. I have seen it in a book since, but it was Judy who told me about it so I always think of it as her tip.

Basically, you overlock the seam wrong sides together, open the fabric out, fold over the overlocked seam and stitch down with a straight stitch. To keep the finished seams looking the same, you have to take care on sewing direction as the front and back of the overlocked/serged seams look different, ie - on trousers it would be serge down on one leg and up on the other, so you could fold the seams to the back and get identical stitching.

This is a very simple and quick technique. Going clockwise - the overlocked seam after the fabric has been opened flat: sewing the overlocking down with a straight stitch; the finished product on the pink pair and then the green.


Sew4Fun said…
Neat tip, Keely (and Judy)! This is is new to me so I'll have to try it. Thanks for the mini-tutorial.
Dawn said…
Cool tip! Thanks!
Pyrose said…
I haven't tried this before yet, but have meant to. Thanks for showing the picture of this technique on a pair of pants. Always good to have pictures to inspire a new technique. I'm thinking this might be fun for a pair of track pants for my daughters.
Bunny said…
Neat tip! I wouldn't have thought to go up one side and down the other. Cute wardrobe for your princess!