I'm baaaaaccckkk!

Wow, it has been a looooong time since I blogged! Where has that time gone?! If anyone is still out there - hellloooo! *waves madly* I haven't disappeared, just been busy with life. A few years ago I heard someone describe life as  steamrolling over them and I think that's a perfect analogy for the last decade of my life! I might write in more detail eventually, but briefly, since last posting I have started and been working on a PhD, as well as teaching and researching, gained quite a bit of weight, started losing weight again, got a much better haircut, had some family health scares, and had some personal challenges, all of which has made life a bit hectic to say the least. Consequently, apart from the odd bit of mending, I haven't really got near the sewing desk - in fact for a while there it was buried under PhD papers and marking! But just lately I have started doing a bit of sewing again, mainly as a stress relief as I come into the final stretch of my

A touch of summer

I finally got some sewing done. Just an Ottobre tee to get my hand back in. I laughingly call this my Hawaiian tee. I'm meh about it, especially going into winter. That's what I get for letting it sit cut out for so long before sewing it up. It's one of those fabrics I now look at and wonder what I was thinking when I bought it. I presume it was the colour that got me. However, come summer I think this could look better over my white 3/4 pants with my purple slip-ons. A blurry photo from the cellphone, crooked necklace and all.

Almost forgotten what free time is

Much excitement this last week as my thesis is finally finished and off to the examiners. I submitted on Monday and every day since has seen me out and about catching up with people and having celebratory coffees. Luckily the BFF's see me occasionally at crafty nights so I didn't quite need a nametag. Now I'm enjoying a thesis-free Easter - boy does it feel strange not to be thinking that I should be in at work! Next up is an article by end of April. 5000 words after the 'book' that is my thesis? - no problem, lol. I have all these lists of 'Things to do once I finish my thesis', including of course some sewing if my machines haven't drowned under the dust of neglect.  - Painting the lounge, bedroom and bathroom; cleaning the oven (groan); cleaning the fridge (groan again); finding the garden under the weeds; sew myself some new tops; consider making the dress from the new Ottobre; destash some fabric to empty the cupboards, etc. You get the idea. I do

A new year, still alive...

Hope you're all sitting down, because I actually did something sewing-related! I know! I could barely believe it too. The warm temps have encouraged me to pull out fabrics and patterns and debate sewing summer tops. Of course, I didn't go down without a fight. I dragged myself off to the nice cheaper outlets to get some instant satisfaction without scaring the wallet too much - and was promptly reminded why I sew my own tops! Since when does ' Now with better fit ' mean ' we added several inches to the center front seam so this top won't look good on anyone '?! Honestly, yes I'm a plus size in tops, but my shoulders are not as wide as a door frame! Sadly, even pricier stores are not immune from this strangely shaped 'model'. The only way I can think to make tops like these fit is to buy some little shoulder pads.  Like these ones:  Or perhaps these ones:  A little skimming in the side seams and I could have a waist!

Helllooo? Is there anyone out there still?

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone has packed up and gone home, figuratively. Crafting (or is that crafty-ness?) is in short supply at my house. There's no sewing to report. All I've managed is to hem some jeans and sew some buttons on. The crocheting of granny squares is proceeding slowly- around 200 more black squares to do. I've done about a third of all the squares (colour and black) that I need for this afghan, and in typical fashion I already have the yarn for the next project sorted out. Despite not getting any sewing etc done myself I am still reading blogs, but not really commenting. I'm living vicariously through everyone else out there. :) Work, on the other hand, is ongoing as always. The thesis is slowly being chipped away which is a relief. In the meantime I've diverted my 'creative' urges into another blog called thoughtstopia where I'm dumping all my thoughts, or the 'thinky' stuff as one friend called it. Sometimes it

Thursday Random ramblings

Nothing like a dedicated sewing and study room to stir the mojo. I feel like I should make something.  Although I have a large pile of alterations and repairs sitting on my new desk. Glad today is over. I must remember to speak more slowly when presenting.  Hopefully I won't have to worry for a while though. Crocheting black at night is tricky. Actually crocheting black in anything but direct sunlight is tricky. I have about 240 more black granny squares to go. I better hope for some sunny days. I might wear a skirt next week to work. I only said might. Thoroughly enjoying the Game of Thrones books. Reading on the ereader is much easier than heavy books in bed. And easier than crocheting the black granny squares. Haven't mentioned that hubby has a job back home. He's in the same building as me. Which is nice :) I've become quite fond of cider. I found Feijoa cider Yummm. Whittaker's now make Peanut Butter Chocolate blocks. Also yummmm! As is

EReader Cover

Last weekend I got a new toy a new gadget for work - a Sony ereader. I have to say this is a very cool toy helpful device for work. Unfortunately, for the $229 you pay, you do not get a cover. There is also a stylus included, but no way of attaching it to the device. I umm-ed and aah-ed over the cases available, before deciding that I might be able to do something at home to keep my reader safe in the depths of my handbag. So, cos I have to have something to blog, I took photos of the way I made my ereader cover. Step 1: Find an old book that is bigger than your ereader. I started with an old diary I'd found the day before in my decluttering. I have no idea why we had an unused 2004 diary on the bookshelf.   2. Carefully cut out the pages by slicing through the inner cover paper with a craft knife - 3. Lay the book cover on your chosen fabric (or decorative paper) and cut around, leaving enough to fold over. My allowances were 5cm on each side and 2.5cm on