A new year, still alive...

Hope you're all sitting down, because I actually did something sewing-related! I know! I could barely believe it too.

The warm temps have encouraged me to pull out fabrics and patterns and debate sewing summer tops. Of course, I didn't go down without a fight. I dragged myself off to the nice cheaper outlets to get some instant satisfaction without scaring the wallet too much - and was promptly reminded why I sew my own tops! Since when does 'Now with better fit' mean 'we added several inches to the center front seam so this top won't look good on anyone'?! Honestly, yes I'm a plus size in tops, but my shoulders are not as wide as a door frame! Sadly, even pricier stores are not immune from this strangely shaped 'model'. The only way I can think to make tops like these fit is to buy some little shoulder pads. 

Like these ones:

 Or perhaps these ones: 

A little skimming in the side seams and I could have a waist!

I did buy a couple of tops, but they're both sleeveless and, because the same patternmaker has been at them, determined to show my undergarments to the world.Nevermind, I just bought a few tees in the more-clingy-than-I'd-ever-be-seen-in category to wear underneath.

Still, this hasn't fully solved the clothing issue. So I took a day away from the thesis, pulled out my Ottobres, traced a new copy of my favourite tee and a copy of a A-line tanktop, pulled out fabric and cut away. Two tops at once. (So that's two more UFOs for the pile....) My poor lonely sewing machine even had a terrible shock when I coaxed it from its hiding place under the dust and stitched the shoulder seams and applied the neckband on the A-line sleeveless top.

And that's as far as the tops have got. Instead of finishing my clothes, I've been finishing a chapter for my thesis. The end is in sight, all going well, and then I shall have to sew to distract myself from worrying about examiners.


Sherril said…
You crack me up. I see that you're starting to blog again. I think I stopped at June as well. Nice that you can see the end in sight for school, but a girl still has to wear clothes. Thank goodness for Ottobre.
Keely said…
Thanks Sherril. :) I saw your new tops on your blog - but I'm a bad commenter. I'll try to do better - and not just cos you're a teacher, lol. I have blogged a bit on non-sewing stuff on my newer blog, but even that has been quiet. Blogs go quiet when the rest of my life is anything but.
Sandra said…
Go Keely! Best wishes for completing your thesis without unfair drama. I look forward to seeing your finished tops when you get to that point.