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Thursday Random ramblings

Nothing like a dedicated sewing and study room to stir the mojo.I feel like I should make something. Although I have a large pile of alterations and repairs sitting on my new desk.Glad today is over.I must remember to speak more slowly when presenting. Hopefully I won't have to worry for a while though.Crocheting black at night is tricky.Actually crocheting black in anything but direct sunlight is tricky.I have about 240 more black granny squares to go.I better hope for some sunny days.I might wear a skirt next week to work.I only said might.Thoroughly enjoying the Game of Thrones books.Reading on the ereader is much easier than heavy books in bed.And easier than crocheting the black granny squares.Haven't mentioned that hubby has a job back home.He's in the same building as me.Which is nice :)I've become quite fond of cider.I found Feijoa ciderYummm.Whittaker's now make Peanut Butter Chocolate blocks.Also yummmm!As is their Hokey Pokey block. No I don't work f…