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Jalie 2682

On the 'Sewing Down Under' thread on Patternreview we're having an unofficial and fairly casual Jalie sew-along which is a good motivator. I had my new Jalies to tempt me, but I decided to try 2682 first - partly because it's winter here and I thought a bit more coverage might be nice, but also because I've liked the look of this top since I saw it. I love the colour of the top the model is wearing. (Of course, I'd love to look like the model too....)

I did some size blending. I traced CC for the shoulders, and went out to EE for the sides. I've read that Jalies can be close-fitting so wanted room to play with and it's much easier to cut fabric off than try to put fabric in! I also took the bodices and bottom pieces down to the length of the EE as I like my tops longer. To allow for 'the girls' I also added 2 cm to the length of the front bodice.

I've used a cheap poly interlock as a muslin and I think it's wearable. I took in the sides (s…

The Big 4 - 0

Another milestone birthday came and went. It was a lovely relaxing weekend. I slept in and got breakfast in bed. The kids got me chocolates. I love my kids. :) Hubby bought me fabric (!) and a gift voucher for more fabric (on his head be it!) and this was after we'd moved my sewing desk to the other side of the lounge and found all the, ahem, Spotlight bags that had 'accidentally' fallen behind my desk. He didn't say a word as we moved it all. My desk is now beside the window so I have a lovely view. Better still, it's out of the traffic path so I'm not getting in the kids way and they don't get in mine when they're running in and out of the lounge. Most amazingly, it was my DH idea - the man who hates moving furniture who suggested it and helped move it all! (I'll be looking for the pod later, lol). We had thought of 'letting' the 2 girls share a room but after much discussion we decided it wasn't worth our sanity, so no sewing roo…

Decorative "domes"

Sherril and Paula both asked what I meant decorative domes. Bad choice of words on my part. I should have called them snaps rather than domes. I picked up a set of 2000 of these type of snaps which have the silver ring-

I've seen a few garments in the shops here that have used the snaps as a decorative feature, on necklines, on skirts etc. Some have used them applied individually, some have used the tape version - With 2000 sets, that's 4000 potential decorative bits ;)

Closing Down Sales...

There's an alarming trend in my stash stats. After that dent from clearing all the baby fabrics to Judy they were quite pleasingly in the negative for the year. Well, we all know how it goes - when you clear a gap, it just begs to be filled again.

My downfall this time was a closing down sale for a local knitwear and clothing company. I have had some beautiful quality fabric from them in the past, so of course I had to check it out (although, showing some restraint I waited a week before I went). Imagine my pleasure when I walked in to see large boxes of knits to sort through and all fabric priced at $15 kg. Yep, by weight. These knits are all excellent quality too. Sigh, heaven is digging through boxes of fabric.

So my stash stats took a major dent. Here's the haul:

The colours are off a bit. From left to right, Top row - There are two different pinks at the top, each one big enough to make my youngest DD a cardy. Middle row - a soft navy lighter knit (this has merino in I think…

Hello Kitty Dressing Gown

The last week seems to have gone so fast! Unfortunately the exam adrenaline wore off and I've been in a blah state this week so not a lot of sewing has been accomplished. I think my sewing mojo decided to take a break too. :(
On the other hand I have gone and got firewood from my sister's farm several mornings so something got accomplished.

With the cold weather DD2 had been complaining that her dressing gown was too short. Stash to the rescue! I had a Hello Kitty polar fleece from a year ago aging nicely just waiting for it's opportunity. I used Butterick 4340 which I think is now OOP.

This was an easy pattern although I wasn't impressed at having to slipstitch down the upper collar. Hand sewing on a child's dressing gown!? Helloo! What were they thinking? But I did it, reluctantly. Like I said, the sewing mojo had deserted me and I was resorting to following instruction sheets. (Shaking head)

I made a size 10 for my 7 1/2 year old. She's wearing size 8 normally a…

Did you all hear that?

That WOOHOO!! was the sound of me finishing my last exam and starting 3 weeks holiday. :)
Now the sewing and myriad other things on my list can start.......
But for tonight, all that is in my plans is to put my feet up and relax. I have a glass of wine and a tv remote and a tape of ER, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Dexter... you get the picture. I'm keen to get to tracing off something but wine kinda puts me in a state where I should not be allowed near scissors, fabric or patterns, lol.

Tomorrow is set aside for collecting wood and helping my 7yo with her castle construction. Hubby has built helped her build a wonder with polystyrene and tomorrow we get to paint and decorate. She wants furniture which should be interesting. I better not drink too much wine. :)