Jalie 2682

On the 'Sewing Down Under' thread on Patternreview we're having an unofficial and fairly casual Jalie sew-along which is a good motivator. I had my new Jalies to tempt me, but I decided to try 2682 first - partly because it's winter here and I thought a bit more coverage might be nice, but also because I've liked the look of this top since I saw it. I love the colour of the top the model is wearing. (Of course, I'd love to look like the model too....)

I did some size blending. I traced CC for the shoulders, and went out to EE for the sides. I've read that Jalies can be close-fitting so wanted room to play with and it's much easier to cut fabric off than try to put fabric in! I also took the bodices and bottom pieces down to the length of the EE as I like my tops longer. To allow for 'the girls' I also added 2 cm to the length of the front bodice.

I've used a cheap poly interlock as a muslin and I think it's wearable. I took in the sides (such a lovely feeling, taking in...) another 1cm, so down to a DD size, which fits with my fullbust measurement. I'm thinking I could possibly go down a size in the shoulders? My upperbust measurement would suggest Z as the size to use (2 sizes smaller). I think next time I'd also raise the back bodice length a wee bit. It seems very low. DH isn't very keen on the piecing on the back and has suggested making it all one piece which I'll consider.

Photos will have to wait until tomorrow as our ISP is "experiencing some connectivity problems with international pages" - which translates as "you'll be lucky to get on the net tonight and forget anything requiring bandwidth!"


Sherril said…
When it gets to 106F here today, I'll be thinking about you snuggled in your warm polar fleece. Can't wait to see your Jalie top. If you think you might like the shoulders narrowed a bit, then do it. Sloppy fitting shoulders can ruin the look of any garment.
Sharon said…
Keely, can't wait to see your top, a friend of mine made it and she also added length to the front bodice so that it came below the girls otherwise the seam was straight across them.

I'm still finding my way around Patternreview, can you point me in the direction of the "Sewing Down Under" thread.