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A Frustrating Week

Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two - and if you're my DD, you forget to duck and get hit in the head - again. (Or, you walk into a wall. )

After yet another visit to the ED with DD2 (this time she got an ambulance from school ) I'm threatening to buy her one of these....

or wrap her in a big roll of bubblewrap - it even comes in pink

Somehow we have to stop her "bonking her boko" as my Nanna would say.Needless to say, no sewing, or schoolwork, has been done. (No housework either, but that I'm less worried about.) The closest I've come to anything sewing related is tracing off a pyjama pant pattern for a teacher at school for costumes. Even then, I'm afraid I did a quick ducking out of sewing the things. I don't feel too guilty about it. After all it's not my child's class and there are other mothers who sew at school, and I've sewn about 80% of the costumes over the last 10 years......... Ah well, at least it'll be easy to avoid…

Hug Rugs

Rhoto and Rachelle have asked what the Hug Rugs I mentioned are.

Basically they're polar fleece blankets (given with love and hugs) which the Young Vinnies (the youth section of The St. Vincent de Paul Society) give to members of the community.
This year was for new mothers, other years have been for the elderly or homeless. Although none of my children are currently in the group, the teacher running it at school was desperate for someone to overlock the edges. Sometimes the kids have also done the overlocking, but they were time-strapped this year so I just took them home. The kids then attach the labels and messages of support and go out to deliver them. It's a really nice way for the kids to give to the community and the recipients always seem to appreciate them.

Does overlocking a triangle count as sewing?

If so then I get to add making a cheerful, smiley hearts sling for DD to my list. :-)
As it is:
Hug rugs for school done - Check.
Nightie for me - On hold.
Ottobre Jacket - cut out and sitting in the general vicinity of the sewing desk.
I really need this but it's waiting on some spare time (if I can ever remember what that is). I'm making Jacket 17 from Ottobre 02-2006 but I'm using a Ponti Roma knit instead of a woven and I'm not going to line it.

I have a mental image of what I'm aiming for, so we'll have to see if reality matches. ;-)

Meanwhile, any faint hopes I had that a broken arm might slow down my youngest DD have been abandoned. I got a phone call from school last week to say she'd banged her head not just once, but twice, and wasn't feeling too good. Understatement of the year! White as a ghost, nauseaous, dizzy and double vision, on top of the fact that she'd had concussion only ten days before, meant we got to see another 5 hours of life in t…