Hug Rugs

Rhoto and Rachelle have asked what the Hug Rugs I mentioned are.

Basically they're polar fleece blankets (given with love and hugs) which the Young Vinnies (the youth section of The St. Vincent de Paul Society) give to members of the community.
This year was for new mothers, other years have been for the elderly or homeless. Although none of my children are currently in the group, the teacher running it at school was desperate for someone to overlock the edges. Sometimes the kids have also done the overlocking, but they were time-strapped this year so I just took them home. The kids then attach the labels and messages of support and go out to deliver them. It's a really nice way for the kids to give to the community and the recipients always seem to appreciate them.


Rhoto said…
Thanks, Keely!!
A PHOTO would be WONDERFUL, too, eh!! (Beg, beg, please...)
Soft hug,
Keely said…
Sorry, Rhonda. I didn't get a photo before I gave them back. Maybe next year - there seems to be a shortage of parents with overlockers (or a shortage of parents owning up to having one, lol) so I'm sure I'll get to do some more.
Sherril said…
What a sweet and generous thing to do. I'm sure your work was very much appreciated as well as the blankets.
Rhoto said…
I Googled "hug rug" and got a picture of a quilted blanket... Not the same, eh...
Can anyone describe this thingy to me... I know, I'm been a PAIN/persistant... Just love "Hug" sooo much that I wanna know!! (Are ya sorry ya posted this, Keely??)
Soft HUG,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
Keely said…
That's ok Rhonda - it's basically just a 1.5m square of polar fleece. You serge/overlock the edges (I did mine with 4 different colour threads for fun, sometimes I've used variegated thread)then a label is sewn on a corner by the kids which reads something about "This warm hug rug is given to you by the Young Vinnies to show we care", the kids often attach other messages of support, caring, a prayer etc. The Hug Rug name comes from the thought that when you wrap yourself up in one it represents a warm hug from someone who cares. They're very simple blankets as the message is supposed to be in the thoughts that accompany them. HTH. :)