Does overlocking a triangle count as sewing?

If so then I get to add making a cheerful, smiley hearts sling for DD to my list. :-)
As it is:
Hug rugs for school done - Check.
Nightie for me - On hold.
Ottobre Jacket - cut out and sitting in the general vicinity of the sewing desk.
I really need this but it's waiting on some spare time (if I can ever remember what that is). I'm making Jacket 17 from Ottobre 02-2006 but I'm using a Ponti Roma knit instead of a woven and I'm not going to line it.

I have a mental image of what I'm aiming for, so we'll have to see if reality matches. ;-)

Meanwhile, any faint hopes I had that a broken arm might slow down my youngest DD have been abandoned. I got a phone call from school last week to say she'd banged her head not just once, but twice, and wasn't feeling too good. Understatement of the year! White as a ghost, nauseaous, dizzy and double vision, on top of the fact that she'd had concussion only ten days before, meant we got to see another 5 hours of life in the Emergency Dept. (And it sure gets embarassing when ED staff remember you, lol.)
Only a few days on and she's already bouncing around again. Sigh. I can feel the grey hairs multiplying.
Thanks Kat, Vicki and Alicia for the thoughts about my DD. I sure hope she remembers the hours I've spent in the ED, then the hours sleep-deprived waking her every two hours because I've told her that when I'm old and break my hip, she's the one who gets first nursing duties, lol.


Rhoto said…
Hi keely!! We're an emerg/recoup operation here, too, eh!! Get some sleep!!
WHAT is a "hug rug"?? I love the name!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
Rachelle said…
Poor kid! Poor mama!

I second rhoto! What IS a hug rug?
Sherril said…
I can't wait to see that jacket in the knit. I bet it will be so comfy.
Sew4Fun said…
Kids! I can vouch for the fact that trips to the ER give us mothers grey hair. :/ I hope your DD slows down so you can mend. :)

Btw, I have given you an award on my blog. I think after two trips to the ER you deserve an award for that alone. :)