A touch of summer

I finally got some sewing done. Just an Ottobre tee to get my hand back in. I laughingly call this my Hawaiian tee. I'm meh about it, especially going into winter. That's what I get for letting it sit cut out for so long before sewing it up. It's one of those fabrics I now look at and wonder what I was thinking when I bought it. I presume it was the colour that got me.
However, come summer I think this could look better over my white 3/4 pants with my purple slip-ons.

A blurry photo from the cellphone, crooked necklace and all.


Rhoto said…
Sew nice to SEE you, Keely ;D
Warm hug,
Judy Ross said…
All you need is a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, and you'd be all set!
gwensews said…
That top will look terrific with white pants. Very pretty.
Katharine said…
Hi Keely, congratulations on your finished project! Very feminine and flattering in shape. It does sound lovely with white trousers and purple slip-ons. (This is Katharine in case my husband's account is turned on)