Jalie 965 Tanktop - wadder?

I sewed something. I actually sewed something!

Yesterday I just couldn't concentrate on work and felt lousy. Rather than just lie on the couch and veg out, I thought I could probably handle tracing out. I briefly contemplated tracing the Ottobre coat, but the thought of all those lines on the paper and big pattern pieces... I couldn't face it. So I dragged out two Jalie patterns because DD1 has been claiming "nothing" to wear.Even though we're going into winter she's wanting camisoles and tanktops. Go figure. (rolling eyes) Then I faced the problem of trying to work out what size to trace, without current measurements and with a fussy teen with definite ideas on what she wants. It was difficult, involved measuring tees she liked and a long conversation with Judy on the phone. Admittedly, the phone call wasn't necessary for the sewing/tracing, but it was good to remind myself what Judy's voice sounds like. :)

Eventually I guessed a size (which luckily was confirmed after school by her measurements) and pulled out a few fabrics that were easy to reach. She vetoed the teeshirt from Jalie 2605 and chose the tanktop/camisole from Jalie 965.

It's a simple top, but I still took longer to make it than I would normally - with the brain operating at half speed, I'm lucky it's even wearable. I think it's a size or two too big, but she wanted a loose fit. I also think it's too long in the upper chest, so maybe a smaller size with an FBA (cos she's a C-cup). Still, it's another 0.80m from the stash. I'd say that next time I'd bind the armholes and neck with a wrap over binding which will narrow the straps, but at the moment I'm refusing to waste any sewing time on DD1 after the argument about how low the neckline could go. Sigh. She grew into women's sizes a few years ago and got used to having necklines lower than I like. While I accept that the straps could go in a fraction and the neckline could go down a smidgeon, there's a limit as to how much underwear I'll let her show! If only I could persuade her to sew for herself instead of complaining because she doesn't have an unlimited clothing budget. :(


gwensews said…
That tank doesn't look like a wadder to me. I would love to have it, especially if someone sewed it for me.
Judy Ross said…
Hmm, if I got to pick I wouldn't make the neckline any lower. If I were faced with a fussy teen who wanted it lower I would allow just a smidgeon, but that would require new binding and I'm SURE you don't have any of that fabric left, do you? ;-)

(You do realise that if you don't call me tomorrow I'll feel ignored don't you?)
Right with Judy, the neckline looks good. Like Gwen said, it is a nice top! You're right, future versions would fit better if sewn using the high bust measurement and doing a FBA, as the telltale armhole gaping shows. But it's hard to get yourself to alter and sew for a challenging audience.
Kat said…
I just caught up with your blog because I've been neglectful with blog reading lately. So glad to see what you've been working on!