Hi to anyone who's still reading.... yep, I'm still here!

Where does the time go? And with no sewing for me. :( Although I have spent some time at the sewing machine. Wow, those things can really gather dust when you don't use them.

First up, I scared the machines one evening when, in a fit of enthusiasm, I finally pulled the living room curtains down and replaced the rufflette tape. Is that what you call it? You know, the stuff you put the hooks in that stretches all out if the ready-mades have cheap tape on them and then the curtains hang droopily and ugly. Well, my curtains now hang all prettily again, and it has only taken 3 years to get them done.

Then on Sunday my sister turned up with 4 pairs of jeans for me to hem. Sigh. Not exactly inspiring stuff.

And I want to sew! Which is not unexpected when I'm busy, lol. My kids have learnt to procrastinate from a master. My mojo positively ran amok the other day trying to tempt me and I had to walk away. I did however sketch down a few ideas and notes. :)

A friend asked me the other day why I was studying when I do have other things I want to do (like some sewing). It's simple really. I'm really enjoying it. True it's long hours - about 50 hours a week - but I've spent the last two weeks immersed in reading literature on my research topic and I've loved it. I guess that's the joy of finding something you're excited about doing. I'm honest enough to know that, much as I enjoy sewing, most of the time it doesn't give me the same thrill. That's why I'm in awe of those who tackle detailed and complicated projects or teach themselves to draft their own. Let alone those who sew regularly! Plus, lets be honest, my mojo tends to pack a sad if I actually get time to pay attention to it.

So, I guess I'm saying don't expect a lot of sewing from me for a while. I have several big deadlines over the next few weeks. I'm hoping to squeeze in a bit of time to trace the purple Ottobre coat. I guess I really should do a quick and dirty muslin.... And one of my deadlines did get pushed out a week, so maybe I could take another night off...


beangirl said…
well, I'm still reading and I'm glad to hear that you are having FUN! (I totally hear you on the "I have a million other things to do now so of course I feel I must sew something" thing).

Would like to see the coat muslin tho!
Rhoto said…
Goooo, Keely!! You're in the "right spot"!! ;) Studying & school is FUN, eh!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal
Sherril said…
Thanks for the update. I've been missing you. I know how studying can take over if you let it. How close to being done are you?
Keely said…
Hi Sherril, Only 4 more years after this one! Assuming all goes well. :) I've just started post-grad and I'm doing the equivalent of the Honours year or first year of a Masters program. Next year is the Masters. Then PhD. I've been told that this year is pretty much the worst and it will be "slightly" easier next year. I hope so! I can see me being very short on clothes by then otherwise.