In the pink

Here's one of the two new Ottobre tees.

This was a printed Valencia from Spotlight. It's lovely and soft to wear and breathes well.
I was initially uncertain about this colour. It's paler and pinker than I normally wear but the fabric is so soft that I figured I could always use it as a pj top (blatantly stealing that idea from Debbie. ) Hubby didn't help with his comment that the fabric looked like an old ladies nightie, hah! although now it's made he reckons he does like it. Men! Now I've seen it on, I've decided I do like the colour. I've even worn it twice already. So, no pj top yet.

The other tee is waiting to be hemmed. I was disappointed with the result even though the fit was better than the above tee. I used white cotton lycra Seaspray from Spotlight. Unlike the Seaplay I've used before, this is thinner and doesn't seem as good quality. :( Consequently it's a bit less opaque than I'd like. I'll wear it - but under a jacket.

There was no sewing at my house today. Instead I spent the day at the beach with E, my youngest daughter. Her school's junior classes were having Beach education and I was volunteered to be parent help. It was a lovely day to spend at the beach, even with 60 kids in tow. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but you can see where we were here.

No sewing tomorrow either. I'll be spending the day at the hospital with children. In the morning S has x-rays scheduled to check for scoliosis and that is supposed to take at least an hour. Hopefully it will run on time because in the afternoon K, my DS, has his appointment to hopefully get the cast off his arm. I think I'll take a good book. A big one.


Sew4Fun said…
Keely, nice tee. I pulled that fabric from the rack several times but it never did come home with me.

I hope your day at the hospital goes well, with nothing but good news, and not much waiting. Hah! :)
Judy R said…
I never thought I'd see the day when you wore pink, (but then I never thought I'd persuade you to make your clothes more fitted either!) I like this. Shape really suits you!