Laughing at myself...

Last night, as I lay in bed, I had an AHA! moment. No, not the band, but one of those moments when you just want to jump out of bed, shout Eureka! and race off to check if you're right.
And what was this amazing epiphany? Well, I was laying there planning what I was going to sew next, what I was going to do about the bubbly side seams, (coming to the reluctant admission that under some of that bubbling is me, aka floobies).... when IT occurred to me. I don't have to lower the bust gathering.... I have to get the girls back up where they should be. Yup, my new Ottobre top was suffering 'saggy bra syndrome'. Sure enough, the best bra on, a bit of adjustment and the problem is pretty much solved. Where's that blushing emoticon again? :-)