Some photos

I finished the pinafore for Em at last. This pattern is from Topkids 49 #12. Originally the pattern looked like the sketch. I didn't want to do the teddy head so I squared the front bib.

Here's the front -

And here's the back -

It looks very wide so I hope it fits.

While I was banging away on domes, I finally got around to putting the domes on the jacket for my other niece. This has been sitting buried on my desk an embarrassingly long time waiting for the domes. I haven't put any domes on the mock pocket flaps as it just looked too much for a wee jacket, especially with the embroidery. If DSis wants them after all, I can always put them on. After waiting so long, I think she'd be too scared to risk it though. :-) Lori already has the trousers that match.

This is Burda 9749.

I still have to put the band on E's top. That's a job for tomorrow night.


Sew4Fun said…
Keely, I only found your blog today. The jacket and pinny are fantastic. Excellent work! They look very expensive.
Judy R said…
That's adorable! What's on the hanger under the jacket? Oh, and can I borrow the pattern? ;-)