Friday, February 22, 2008

Temporarily misplaced that mojo

The last few days I've been sidetracked with other things so I haven't got any sewing in. This morning I came home determined to get something, anything done. I pulled out the calico pieces for my jacket. And I do mean literally pulled them out - I'd left them on the table and hubby had kindly put other things on top. Grr.

I marked all the darts (all 10! of them) and machine basted the back darts, centre back seam and the shoulders. Then I pinned the side seams and front/bust darts in case they needed adjusting. It looks to be a pretty good fit. I think. I mean, there's sure to be some more tweaking that could be done but the calico itself is way better than RTW so it's already a winner. The sleeve looks to be ok. Lets be honest - I'm still learning this fitting stuff so my sole guideline is "It's better than RTW" which isn't hard. Still, baby steps eh?

I am also prone to Analysis Paralysis. And that is what has struck I've realised. By lunchtime I should have/could have been cutting out the good fabric. Instead I talked to my sister on the phone, started looking at the 2007 notes for one of the papers I'm doing at uni (quite handy that I found those and downloaded them before they deleted them ;) ) and really just plain distracted myself. (Didn't distract myself with housework though, lol) Tonight I was thinking about that and why I hadn't just dug into sewing. After all, I really need that jacket. And I think that's the problem. This pattern looks promising BUT what if it looks awful? What if I need to do an fba, change the shoulders, let it out, bring it in.....Which fabric should I use?.... The promise of what it could be is scaring me off finding out the reality. Sheesh. Ya'know, I need to listen to my son and "take a chill pill".

Right, I'm off to drag that mojo back.....

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judy r said...

Hmm, can't wait to see that jacket made up. Just think - once I go on leave I can come over and "help" (ie, sit on your sofa and hound you till you do it) on your days off Uni!