Monday, February 11, 2008

Planning more Ottobre

The past weekend passed in a blur with errands and attempting to whip the house into some semblance of order (ha!). By the time that was done and I'd finished playing psycho mum nagging the kids over the state of their bedrooms, I more than resembled the proverbial dish rag.

I recovered by flicking through Sandra Betzina's "Power Sewing Step-by-Step" which I found at the library. This is a great book with a lot of tips and techniques. For instance, on page 128 I found a slightly different way of doing an FBA. SB has you merely add 1.3cm length at the bust point and then curve the side seam out by 6mm, which you will ease into the seam. It seems to have a similar result to the Ottobre tees. Hmmm. Something to think about.

Sunday evening, kids and their rooms tamed, minimum housework level achieved, it was time for some more tracing. Ottobre again, naturally. I made another copy of the plain tee 02-2007-3 unsullied by fba's and sellotape. I also finished off un-maternity-izing the surplice top #20 from the same issue. Then, because I was on a tracing roll, I went on to trace off the hoody jacket #19 from 05-2007 and the jacket #17 from issue 02-2006. So plenty of projects lined up.

I have 2 gathered neck tees cut out with the short sleeves from #3. It feels a bit optimistic given todays weather but I'm sure we'll have another warm day or two at some point. Even if I have to wait until next summer.

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