Monday, February 4, 2008

A little bit of sewing

My kids went back to school today. I had planned on spending some of the day doing washing, weedspraying and general gardening but, what a terrible shame, it rained, so I'll have to postpone it for another day.

This left me with a little over 5 hours without a plan. :-) I spent it catching up on last seasons finales of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and ER (all of which I'd somehow missed or totally forgotten) while I sewed the test tank top. Then I stopped and watched the first episode of this seasons Grey's Anatomy. Gosh, I'm a tv junkie at times!

This evening I showed the tank top to hubby. He thinks it's fine as is, I'm debating a small FBA to put in a wee bit more ease in the bust area. I also unpicked the binding on the neckline and re-did it. I had to shorten the binding strip by about 5 cm to pull in the neckline enough and stop the neckline flipping outwards. I've never struck that before and I think it must be a fabric issue rather than pattern.

I rounded out the evening with a quick pencil case from fake fur for my 11yo daughter. We had bought one and it didn't last a day at school before the zip broke and the stitching on one side came undone. I promised to see what I could do. Having looked at the purchased case I knew I could make a sturdier, better job of it. Off down to the stash cupboards, out with a piece of zebra fake fur and 20 minutes later I had a finished barrel pencilcase. I think the hardest part was trying to remember the formula for the circumference of a circle, lol. As I said to Hubby - this is why I have a stash!

Photos tomorrow when I can cajole someone into it.

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Sew4Fun said...

Such a terrible shame it rained. I hope it rains all week. [wicked evil grin] Looking forward to the photos.