Vintage Sewing Book

My plans to do a bit of sewing may have fallen by the wayside, but I have been reading about sewing. My mother had a clear-out of her sewing books and I liberated this one:

I can't find any indication of the age apart from the illustrations, which I think indicate 1950's (one google result did suggest 1940). The book is in 3 parts dealing with patternmaking, sewing processes and techniques, and garment making. I've been leafing through this enough to know I want to sit down and read it fully. There seem to be copies available secondhand, but with the power of Google I did find it's also available as an e-book.

Adding to the interest was this pattern tucked inside the cover.

It's a supplement pattern from the May 2, 1962 Australian Women's Weekly magazine. I can usually take or leave vintage patterns, but it's quite interesting to try to imagine the woman who once pulled this pattern out to make. I wonder if she ever did? Or did she decide that adding 1/2 an inch at the side seams was too basic and use her book to draft a better-fitting dress? [ Insert your own flashback dream sequence here ;) ]

Back in the modern world, the decluttering continues slowly. Among the kids dress-up clothes being donated to my niece and nephew, I found the "Winnie the Pooh" outfit (complete with padded tummy) that I made for DS's role in the school musical 6 years ago.

Sigh. How quickly they grow up.


Judy Ross said…
You know, if you'd also liberated all her properly vintage patterns and sold them on trademe you could fund a bit of overseas pattern buying......

(ps, has the mail been YET?)