Another UFO done

Just for Judy, some 'real' sewing at last. :)

While I was tidying up the chaos of sewing bits and bobs, I came across a UFO. This was supposed to be a dress for DD1 last summer. I winged the pattern back then using the Ottobre 02/2007 tanktop and an existing dress for the skirt measurements. However, when DD1 tried it on, the top part was a bit short (oops) as well as, apparently, too high a neckline. (You may remember that DD1 and I have had that conversation before.) The dress-to-be was therefore put to one side to be forgotten about while I contemplated what to do and whether I could be bothered digging out more of the purple cotton lycra to make another top. I think it's fairly obvious I couldn't.

So yesterday, whilst scratching for inspiration, my eyes lit upon this in the pile and I decided to take another look at it. DD1 announced that she no longer liked the fabric that much, but DD2 did. I used a size P from Jalie 965 to recut the bodice and was able to use the existing neckline (and therefore binding). Unfortunately, I did have to unpick the armhole binding to reuse on the newly shaped armhole openings. From then on, it was just put it all together.

Just perfect if the weather gets back to summer again.

The back of the tank goes lower, but is covered by the waist ties. DD2 likes this so much that I didn't even get a chance to iron it before I took photos. :)


Sue said…
Sweet dress! Looks like it was worth the unpicking effort!