Still here

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas.

Although you'd be forgiven for wondering given the lack of blogging this year, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. 2010 was such a busy year it simply flew past. To top it off, we found out on Christmas Eve that 2011 is bringing big changes for our family, including a shift to another city. DH will be moving early in the year to take up his new job. However, after I found out I'd been given a scholarship by the university we've decided the kids and I will hang out here until the end of the year to clear up school years, the house etc with DH popping home for visits. There's a lot of clearing out to do over the year. It is amazing how much 'stuff' can accumulate when you've lived in one house for 17 years.

I started this week by dumping gifting an enormous pile of craft magazines to my friends at our regular 'girly night' and didn't come home with any. :) At some point I will have to tackle the stash. Gulp. I'll have to try and sew a bit up this year around everything else. Yeah right.

There has been the odd spark of creativity around the place though. First up was a nightie for me from Kwik Sew 2822 which appears to be Out of Print now. It was the first time I'd made this and it worked well.

I also unearthed and finally completed a 23 year old UFO - a crocheted scarf. Noticeably the tensions are a bit different at the ends, but I'm going with the "it's a design feature" line. ;)

Obviously overcome with the euphoria of a rare completed project I proceeded to relieve the Spotlight sale table of more wool/yarn. I now have a new crochet project - surprise, surprise, a scarf for DD2 who chose the wool and had the cheek to ask if it will be done by winter. She neglected to specify which year...

Finally, yesterday I completed my DSis' housewarming/Christmas present (only two weeks late). She requested bright placemats for their dark brown dining table in their new dark and dreary dining room. Knowing DSis I knew these had to be easycare and washable (and not floral or too cutesy or...). My youngest daughter was let loose in Spotlight to choose fabrics and after DSis had given approval, this is what we ended up with:

A longer centrepiece mat to protect surfaces from keys etc being dumped on it, and 2 sets of placemats which are reversible. I used AnneM's review here as a guide. We dropped them off today and DSis seems very happy with them. Of course, I then opened my big mouth and offered to make the scraps into coasters - D'oh!

Today I began attempting to create order from the chaos that has resulted from moving my sewing desk downstairs. I can't find anything! DH tried to tell me it would be a good time to clear out the desk drawers as well, but he is obviously not thinking straight, lol.


Judy Ross said…
Oooh, they ARE bright. I like the pink cup one! (Reckon J might too).
I bet poor E will have kids of her own before her scarf is finished.
(Although, if you keep up with your doctor-prescribed attendance at girly/craft nights it might get done in time for next summer.)

Now to figure out where to put the magazines I brought home......
beangirl said…
nice palcemats! And congratulations on the new move. Look at it as an opportunity to reorganize... yikes.

(Ha, I figured Judy would be announcing a sudden windfall of magazines...)
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well with the summer weather fit only for inside activities, sewing might be a great way to get rid of some of you stash oh and stress too. LOL.. and yes J, J does love the pink ... love the new layout!!