'Handy-womanning' and a cat bed

My DSis recently gave me a large desk which had been left behind in the house they bought. I love the size - perfect for studying with everything spread out and, if I cleared it off, a good size and height for pattern tracing and cutting.

However, the height was uncomfortable when studying, even with my office chair as high as it could go and my feet dangling in the air. After ending up with sore shoulders after just one evening something had to be done. The desk was flipped over and I realised that at some point somebody had added extra to the base. They'd attached it well too with what seemed the longest screws ever invented which had of course, rusted and stuck themselves in there forever. Annoyingly, my drill couldn't reach because the screws had been sunk so far into the wood. What to do? Fetch the hammer and saw of course. :) I cut my way down to those accursed screws, disposed of the wood and got those screws out. Well apart from the one that refused to budge which I, ahem, snapped off in my frustration.

Once that was done I was left with the need to put a (much lower) trim on the base. So off to Bunnings I went with a diagram and measurements, where a very helpful employee offered advice and suggestions which could all be done easily with a saw and a hammer.

The result is a lower (8.5cm lower) smoother base.
And a perfect height for studying.

As well as wreaking havoc on furniture, I also upset one of our cats by moving the beanbag he liked to sleep on. To make it up to him I made a beanbag cat bed. This was essentially a 'free' project, using all stashed fabrics, zip and beanbag fill. I've made the microfleece cover removable for easy washing. As I'm throwing the scraps, that's another 1.8 metres from stash. :)

Sprite on his new bed:


Lyndle said…
Well done! Awesome handywomaning!
MareeAlison said…
Very cute Sprite. And well done you too Keely.