Ottobre Twiggy Jeans version 2

Finally I have stopped procrastinating and finished DD2's red Ottobre jeans. This is another pair using Ottobre 06-2007 #32. (The first pair I blogged about here.) I think I cut these out about 5 or 6 months ago and in the meantime DD has grown. These are a size 140 width lengthened to 146 and DD is now 144cm (she's grown 2.5 cm in the last 5 weeks!). The length is perfect, the width... let's just say thank goodness it's stretch denim. I think I've finished these just in time if I want DD to get any wear out of them. Strangely, this pair gapes at the centre back. This can be easily fixed with a small dart in the waistband (or a belt), but it is not an issue I noticed with the first pair. I'd also forgotten that I meant to skim in the legs below the knee to make them more 'skinnified'.

I used a lightweight stretch denim from Spotlight and topstitched in red. I had huge problems with the topstitching tensions about halfway through the jeans. I changed needles, rethreaded, cleaned and oiled the machine but still had problems with looping and uneven tension. I assume it was the thread as the problems started with the new reel of Molnlycke Goliath thread.

And I had to put a label on the back -


KID, MD said…
Cute!! The fit looks good and the color is too fun.
Rhoto said…
Keely, if DD wants to wear Mum's jeans--that's COOL!! ;) You're IT!!
Soft hugs,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

I REALLY wish we lived closer, eh...
Michelle said…
That color is fantastic, and the fit is excellent! Wonderful work!
beangirl said…
Those look great! Very hip, you are a lucky mom that can sew cool clothes for your kids. I have a sneaking suspicion that with TLo at least, Mom will never be able to sew anything cool enough, regardless. I'm not looking forward to it.

As for the gape in the waist, I'm guessing that because she's grown since you cut these, she's also probably grown into a bit of a more "big girl" shape and her (to put it delicately) "seat" is bigger and her waist is smaller. In other words, she's growing up into a grown up.

Please don't say I made you cry!!

(PS, I didn't know you weren't a NZ citizen and now I'm dying to know where you ARE a citizen... Oz? US? This is what happens when you can't hear people talk on the internet.)