Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ottobre Twiggy Jeans

DD2 has been growing like a weed with the result that her wardrobe is getting sparse. Luckily, Judy loaned me her Ottobre 06-2007 magazine so I could try out this pattern (#32).

Where do I start? I looove this pattern for DD. I made these up exactly to the pattern and they fit her really well. I think I could skim in a teensy bit more on the hip and leg for a tighter skinny jean but that is to be expected as DD is size 128 measurements with a size 134 length (I made a 134). I've reviewed this over at Patternreview with a few more details.

I used a stretch denim with a metallic pink 'thread' woven through which gives the glitter. This played havoc with my needle, blunting it badly. The metallic thread was also probably the cause of the topstitching thread problems I had. (The thread kept tangling and splitting in this fabric but is fine in normal denim)

A picture after DD had worn them all day so a bit wrinkled but it shows the waistband height.

The front (oops, somehow I've made DD look short-legged, lol)

And the back, complete with the ribbon tag I sewed into the pocket seam.

The instructions seem quite good. However, I followed Debbie Cook's Zipper method rather than Ottobre's.

I think this is a well-drafted jeans pattern. The style is trendy and just what my DD's want. DD now needs more of these (well, in reality she does, but it's funny hearing her try and justify a want as a need ;) )


Rhoto said...

How NEAT when a daughter says, "Mum, I NEED some more of these jeans!!"
You're a WINNER!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Kat said...

WOW! Those jeans look great!!!

angie.a said...

These are some awesome jeans! I need to pull that pattern out, I've got that issue! My dd needs jeans in the worst way & is likewise hard to fit (although she needs more tummy room).

Johanna said...

Hope you become an Ottobre addict! There's a great group of subscribers at Yahoo groups- come join us and you'll be glad!