More patterns I "need"

Since I saw the new Jalie patterns, I've wanted the Pleated cardigan, as well as others.

Unfortunately, the cost of postage combined with the exchange rate can inflict some serious damage to the wallet. It can also lead to funny looks as you rush out every day when the postie pulls up, but that's probably a whole 'nother story. After all, why would he be at all curious about the contents of large envelopes after a slightly crazed-looking woman rushes out each morning to watch him, then grabs the envelope before he even puts it in the box....? One day I should really open one and show him the Ottobre/patterns just so he knows it's all legit, lol. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, unfortunately... scary costs etc. That leads us to the 'Fortunately'.

Fortunately, Patternreview is having a 20% off sale for FOPR members until the end of January. I knew there was a reason I renewed (apart from not losing the catalogue of all my patterns. Believe me, after the time it took to enter all of those I'm not letting that go easily!). Tonight DS got back from Australia and he hadn't spent all the money we gave him. Yayyy! Patterns. Cos I really need more, lol hysterically. Knowing this was a possibility, I had, of course, spent much time dithering carefully deciding which patterns I was going to get.

Here's the next unfortunately - DD saw the new Kwik Sews and wants this -

What's a Mum to do when her DD really, really wants a dress and it's going to be quite a few months before it gets to NZ?

Well, fortunately she already owned a similar style RTW dress. So, I hunted out the Ottobre tank #1 from 02/2007. Then measured her existing dress and made up a pattern. I'll find out this weekend how close I've got. In the meantime, that's money that can be spent on another Jalie. }:)


beangirl said…
girl, you can totally make that KS dress without a pattern. Psssht. Spend that money on something REALLY vital. Like that Jalie pleated cardigan. I have a bad feeling I might have to take a closer look at that, but if you buy it and make it, maybe I can avoid that. Because of course, it's all about me.
Mary Nanna said…
Snap! 2 days ago I ordered 5 Jalie patterns from Pattern Review (me and my neighbour are going halves on the postage) Now's actually a really good time with the exchange rate - you have got to admit that the decline of the US dollar has made imports that much more affordable.

I'm really bummed I missed half price shipping on Hot Patterns though a couple of months back. The postage on them is really over the top. My 5 Jalie patterns are only a couple of bucks more than the price of shipping 2 Hot patterns.

so...Race you to the postman!
Michelle said…
I took advantage of the sale to pick up the Jalie jeans that everyone has been raving about. Now I need to find stretch denim, which was EVERYWHERE 6 months ago, and now no one has!!