The sewing hasn't gone as fast as I would have liked the last week fortnight. Where has the time gone? It seemed as fast as I made plans for a day, children or fate stepped in and intervened. However, -

I've managed to catch up with Judy and the twins a few times and spent an entire day playing (and fulfilling any clucky needs, lol) with babies last week. We also managed to squeeze in a 'girly' day, which is good because we were at risk of needing name badges soon! (Ja, we'll have to do a Friday soon! If we wear a red carnation we should recognise each other...)

I spent a morning weedspraying around the property. This included the quick dash (in spraying clothes and gumboots) to the hardware shop a few kilometres down the road for more weedspray. These are the times I'm really glad our community is quite casual. :) This weekend we hope to get them all pulled out. The weeds that is.

I've got my vege garden all dug in and planted. It took me 4 hours and despite sunblock and a hat, I was nicely pink by the end. The potatoes are now sprouting in the dark to plant out, hopefully, next week. I've decided that gardening is another of those hobbies that costs a lot to save money - especially when you're trying to turn solid clay into something useful. (Don't ask what happened to the topsoil in that garden - I'll just say unsupervised builders with diggers, grrr)

I've managed some sewing. On the 'Done' list -
- I've got the leggings for the 2 nieces done and a pair of Ottobre legging capris for DD2. I've still got to make the Ottobre Hug Tees to go with them.
- A Zorro cape for DD1 to wear to a Rodeo dress-up event.
- Two wheaties for DD2 (We had snow! In November!)
- 3 pairs of long boardshorts drastically shortened for DD1 from 3/4 length to above the knee
- 3 pairs of trousers mended
- 1 pair trousers shortened

The house is still a mess though. :)


Rhoto said…
"I'm really glad our community is quite casual. :) This weekend we hope to get them all pulled out. The weeds that is."...
FUNNY, very witty!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
Salinda said…
That's a pretty impressive Done pile. As for the house--it can wait! :)
Judy r said…
I'm just jealous of your Done "pile" mine is not big enough to be called a pile. Unless it's a "before" pile.....
Kat said…
That "done" list is looking really good! Although I had a very humorous read of your post--it was a reminder that we live half a world apart LOL. Certain terms like boardshorts, gumboots, "clucky needs", and kilometers. Well, of course, I know what a kilometer is, but the others sound quite cute. Don't know exactly what the others are, but I always thought the different word references were kind of neat. I'm still trying to figure out the gumboots :) . Maybe they're like what we call duck boots in my neck of the woods?