Oops, sometimes you forget....

...that there can be regional variations in names. :) I know it took me a few years to get used to trousers being called pants on Patternreview. For me, pants conjures up underwear images, lol.

Kat mentioned a few words that I'd used that are taken for granted here in NZ, although I would think that any Aussies (Australians) probably know too. So for anyone who wondered, here's some explanations-

boardshorts - beach/surf shorts. DD's were very long on her at 3/4 length.

and look what I found while googling - How To Make Board Shorts and Swim Suits
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn5-IvOkb8g although the fashion qualities of the demonstrated pair are dubious it's an interesting concept.

gumboots - or Wellies/Wellingtons as they can also be known. The height of fashion to nip off to the shops in, lol. Especially when paired with an old baggy tee and a pair of paint-splattered jeans. ;)

As for clucky needs - that's just those fleeting maternal yearnings for another baby (those feelings that make your husband nervous, lol) that can be satiated by playing with someone else's babies for a while. :)

I'm sure there are other words that can be puzzling at times - for instance I had to look up duck boots. Kinda like what we call snow boots. It's interesting to see the different names people use.


Kat said…
I learned two new things today :) ! Now I know what clucky needs and gumboots are. Board shorts are what we called Jams (at least we called them that in my days of youth). Guess we adults now call them Bermuda shorts.
judy r said…
Any time you have clucky needs Keely, I have two babies who
LOVE to be played with! Really, I mean ANY time. 4am is good.