Egads! I'm sure that's not good for it

A few weeks ago I was hemming jeans in a hurry (because I needed them in 10 minutes and I'm sooo organised that of course I left myself plenty of time...) Anyway, I broke the needle. This was bad enough (did I mention I was in a hurry?) but then I couldn't find all the needle and the machine wouldn't turn because something was jamming the bobbin casing. I had to rush and spent the entire pantomime a jibbering wreck thinking I'd broken my poor machine. Luckily, a couple of hours away meant I could approach my machine calmly and logically when I got home. I ended up taking out the bobbin casings etc and the bottom cover of my machine to find that a piece of needle had pierced the hoo-dakky-whatsit (I think it's the race?) that holds the bobbin hook in.

In spite of myself, I was impressed, especially after the effort it took to pull that bit of needle out with pliers! Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo of the needle in there - I was too busy crossing my fingers and hoping I could get it all back together again!
Why do I mention this? So you can understand and ignore the terrible mess my machine made of twin needling my latest projects. :) The timing is definitely out because it has skipped the odd stitch and the twin needling is wayyyy off. I think a service is in order after Christmas, perhaps after the university year starts again.

Moral of the story - don't hem jeans at the last moment!

Coming up - piccies of Ottobre 06-2007-32 Twiggy Jeans
and Jalie 2805 made as a thermal top.


judy r said…
Hurry up with the jeans! I want to see them before I make some for G! (please :-) )
Kat said…
I hate when these things happen! Just last night my embroidery machine started choking up and jamming big time on the underside. I rethreaded twice and discovered there was no tension on the thread. So I had to spend time picking out chunks of lint from the tension disk and searched for my sewing machine brush to clean up any remaining gunk. This morning it was so far so good. But I had a terrible night's sleep thinking about what if. What if it needed fixing and I have about 5 more scarves to embroider and Christmas wall hangings to get the picture. I hate thinking about servicing. I'm still missing my sewing machine but trying to keep my thoughts to embroidery right now. These things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times.