Jalie 2805 and Kwik Sew 2894

DS is off camping next week. Even though this will technically be the first week of summer the weather doesn't always take notice of what it's supposed to be doing. As DS has activities like tramping on Mt Cook and apparently walking up a glacier planned, some thermals are considered a good idea. Lacking a specific thermal underwear pattern, I decided to see what I could make work. These were very quick and rough sewing.

I used Jalie 2805 to recut a puchased (on end-of-season sale) XL polyprop top. Yes, I know the Jalie is a womens t-shirt pattern but DS doesn't (yet). ;)

I took the shaping out of the side seams and cut a size smaller than DS chest measurement. The result is a pretty good fit for a thermal top and the benefit is that DD1 can also wear it if necessary. :) DS asked for the topstitching to be in the fluoro yellow cotton which was still on my machine from DD's smiley face jacket. This was one of the projects that suffered from the twinneedle issues - it doesn't look too bad from the outside, although there are the odd skipped stitches.

For the second top I used Kwik Sew 2894, a boys raglan sleeve top.

I cut a size L (10) for my 15 yo and added about 6cm to the sleeve and 13 cm to the body length. This top is made from a (supposedly) merino knit. Even at a size L(10) this top is loose in the sleeve and body, but DS doesn't want it taken in. I used a remnant strip from the polyprop top for the neck binding and gave up on twinneedling and used a zigzag stitch instead. (The top isn't actually as wonky as DS is wearing it here.)

Sorry the photos aren't great - DS is a very reluctant model.

Judy - Photos of the jeans soon, I promise. They're still in the washing cycle, currently drying.


Kat said…
Lookin' like you have some might fine tops there! First week of summer? Let's just say I had my coat and scarf on all day INSIDE our church hall for my son's Confirmation retreat. So if it's cold inside, you know it's really cold outside and it's not even officially winter yet. Thanks for reminding me--I have to fire up our kerosene heater right now.