Oh-oh, more fabric...

Oh dear. I was let loose in Spotlight for my Mother's Day pressie. I didn't buy too much - just some brown Bengaline for trousers and a large remnant of a knit for a top. Pretty restrained I thought. But over the last few days I've been thinking..... and that can be dangerous to the stash figures. Anyway I thought it might be nice to have a jacket as well, so I popped back today and bought another few metres of the Bengaline. I think I have way too much now, at least I hope so. :) As Judy pointed out, I'm not really a suit person but something about it appeals. Besides, it might be handy to have a 'suit' of sorts. One day I'll finish studying and I'll need a job. At the rate I'm sewing this might even be finished by then, lol.

While I was there I also found some chocolate Valencia, the same fabric as my red Ottobre tee. I love this fabric, it is so soft and comfortable. This will be..... well, I'm not sure which exact pattern, but I have it for when inspiration strikes.

Here are the purchases:

From the left, bengaline, the valencia in the middle and my 'remnant' printed knit (I think a Valencia as well).

Two thoughts come to mind:

-For a person who never used to like brown, I have quite a bit in my flat-pack wardrobe

-Why is it that I have less fabric than I had at the beginning of the year but it still won't fit into the cupboard?


Debbie Cook said…
Maybe my love of brown is rubbing off on you! Would you translate into American English for me ... flat-pack wardrobe??? Is that a dresser/bureau?
Kat said…
I was exercising a ton of fabric-buying restraint. Then I bumped into an acquaintance of mine who owns a fabric store in town and she proudly told of the new knits she has at her shop. Guess where I'll be next week!
Keely said…
Debbie, Someone on PR(can't remember who) has the tagline about having a "great wardrobe only still at flatpack stage" and it stuck with me. Over here, self-assemble kitset furniture comes 'flatpacked' ie unassembled and in pieces. So my 'flatpack wardrobe' refers to my stash's possibilities one day in the, probably very distant, future. LOL
And the brown suit idea I'm certainly blaming on your influence! :)
Bunny said…
Love the fabrics!
I love brown too and have acquired a good amount of it too. I think I like it so much because there is some depth to the color but it also works as a great neutral. You have some very pretty pieces there.
angie.a said…
Ooh Keely, I love the fabrics, especially the print!