I Want Need A Coat

It looks like winter has decided to make it's prescence felt with a vengeance this week and while I have a practical, warm coat, I'd like a 'nice' coat. It seems everywhere I go, coats are calling my name. Today I saw a lovely jacket and I was tempted to buy it but, it was a short jacket, not a coat. Then there was that voice saying "I could make that.... it's only a simple jacket.... that denim jacket pattern I've got at home would do....". (At least I don't say it outloud, lol. Well, I don't think I do...) I also saw a really lovely fabric made into a coat shape. I hesitate to call it a coat with it's unhemmed, overlocked edges. Hmmm, it would look good for all of about 5 minutes, then the fraying and pulls would start.

So, I need to think about making a coat. Although thinking about it isn't the problem. Making it however is another story. :) In my stash I have navy cashmere and a satin lining put aside for a longish coat. I don't know if I'm quite brave enough to tackle that (gulp). Perhaps my first coat should be something that isn't going to involve 5 hours of looking at the fabric, scissors in hand, as I try to get up the courage to cut into it. And then, what style should I have?

In my pattern stash I have this - Burda 8268,

Or what about this? Burda 8160 - View D reminds me so much of my dufflecoat I used to have when I was much (much) younger.

And that was just the first two from my PR pattern catalog. This weekend I'll have to force myself to go through my very extensive pattern collection and narrow down some choices. ;-) Then there'll be fabric choices. I may even be forced to buy some. (wicked laughter) Do you think hubby will go for the line about helping the economy by purchasing?


Rachelle said…
Oh, I REALLY like the style of the grey one! I always love really long coats, but I'm not coordinated enough to own one. I have NEVER, in my adult life, owned a long coat that didn't end up with the hem slammed in my car door, unnoticed until I got to my destination and got out of my car, only to discover that the hem is caked in slush/mud.

For that reason alone, I'd go with the shorter one. Plus, I love that it's got a small, neat collar - my favorite kind!

My two cents! :)
kbenco said…
Your coat ideas look great. Marji at Fibreartsafloat is organizing a coat sew a long if you are interested.
Alexandra said…
I vote for the grey one. I wonder how it would look belted.