New Jalies!

The new Jalies are up on Patternreview. And next week some will be winging their way to me! They should arrive around the time my exams finish - great timing. I couldn't blog about this until I broke the news to Judy that Jalie 2787 was also winging it's way over as a present for her. I think she's happy. ;-)

On the way are 2805 - A good basic tee. I can see this getting a lot of use for my 2 DD's.

J 2806 - This one's for me. And maybe DD1.

J 2795- I can just see this on my two DD's . I'm intrigued by the 'Hoddie' title.

and J 2794 - I really liked the top Debbie made so I've decided to give it a go.

And just to make it fun, the stash contest will be running again at Patternreview so I might even get to enter something. :-)

Does anyone else do this? You can't sew, but you keep thinking about sewing so you end up buying fabric and patterns instead. I need to sew something and soon - otherwise I really will be keeping the economy going!


AllisonC said…
It's easy to justify patterns you can sew for all the girls in your family. I am exactly the same, the next best thing to sewing (sometimes it's better actually!) is to buy fabric and patterns and dream about the possibilities. You are not alone, most of us are pattern and fabric oholics I think.
Anonymous said…
Um, yeah, only ALL THE TIME!!

Just ordered 8 Jalie patterns with my best sewing friend - yikes, we had better get sewing to justify them!
Lindsay T said…
Everyone has such good luck with Jalie, I'm going to have to give them a try.
Sigrid said…
I love Jalie patterns, but resisted the temptation for the time being.
Buying patterns and fabric, and not sewing? Yes I think most of us can tell stories about that.
angie.a said…
YES! I think about it ALL the time. I plan it, I pull the patterns & match to fabric, it's strewn all over my living room at the mo. But my sewing time gets limited to "quick" projects because my time is so short these days at the machine.