Last weekend was our family day and Mother's Day. We had a lovely day out at the Tropical Forest/Butterfly House. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera so no personal photos. I'll just have to go again so I can get some to share. :)

There are 3 levels, all kept at a very tropical (30 degrees Celsius) temperature and about 80% humidity. The paths wind around, and going under the waterfall was pretty cool. There were butterflies everywhere including landing on us. The girls were in the supposedly 'right' colours of pink and reds but the butterflies seemed more attracted by hubby's cream and green shirt. One of the helpers said it could be because the butterflies are attracted to sweat. (snort, lol)

This is the glass swing bridge. It's certainly interesting going over that! There are also turtles, goldfish ponds, tarantulas (in cages, thank goodness!) and although we didn't see it, they often have a giant moth with a 30cm wingspan. I think I'm very glad we didn't see that! The butterflies have pretty short lifespans so they are constantly hatching and releasing new ones. Apparently they are about to release a load of geckos as well to help the finches keep the ant population down. It was a great day out.

I did get a little bit of sewing done on Mother's Day. I nearly finished the mesh tee. Unfortunately the fba that worked so well in the brown tee didn't this time. The mesh seemed to grow a bit so I have to take the sides in. Still, taking the sides in is better than letting them out. :) Like everything else, it's sitting on the sewing desk waiting for my attention.

Last night I was complaining about how my glasses were sitting. DD2 asked what was wrong so I answered "Well, either my head has got bigger, or my glasses are wonky."
DD2: "Maybe your head has got bigger cos your brain is growing with all the study you're doing."
That's all I need - another fitting issue, lol.


Sherril said…
That butterfly museum sounds gorgeous. What a lovely way to spend Mother's Day. AND you got some sewing done, well done!

Hahaha, the word verification for me had the word "bug" in it.
Lindsay T said…
Ooh, Montréal has a butterfly exhibit too and my family loved it. Did this one have those pretty blue ones from South America?