Ottobre with a twist

I've finished my new top and I'm wearing it today.

This is actually a black top but I've lifted the brightness so that the twist is visible. Plus all those wrinkles and lines, lol. I swear they're not as visible in real life. I'll just make sure not to stand in any spotlights!

I think overall it worked out quite well. I do wonder whether the twist could come up a fraction higher? Hubby doesn't like it, then again he doesn't like any twist or wrap tops. :-/ He thinks that the twist makes it look like the fabric is straining horizontally. Hmmm. What do you think?

As to the making -

I started with the good basic Ottobre tee 02-2007-02. For the back and the front inset/underlayer I used the pattern as is. For the front overlayer I used the front piece that I'd done the small fba to for my brown top . I straightened the edge to a long V and added an extension to go on the fold for the twist.

After making one front and holding it against myself, I went back and added a wedge to the hem starting at 3.5cm at the center front and tapering to nothing at the side seam. This extra length allowed for the fabric being taken up by the twist.

I added a facing to the back neckline to make a tidier finish. Then I just followed the instructions for KS3360. :-)

Next time (and I think there will be a next time because I like it) I think I will bind the entire front edge and back neckline instead of folding in a hem. I'm also thinking of trying a version, without the inset, as a cardy over all my other Ottobre tees, or, at the very least, a contrast inset.

I looove Ottobre!

Edited to add: For a better look at the photos here's a link to the album. I'm trying to work out these photo sizing issues.


Debbie Cook said…
What do husbands know anyway! ;-) I like it very much. I wouldn't worry about any wrinkles ... you had to move to take the pic and there's always bound to be some then. Good job Keely ... very noice!
Keely said…
Thanks, Debbie. I see you've been keeping up with your Kath and Kim. ;-)
Sigrid said…
Great top, and thank you for showing the picture of the wedge, I've been trying to alter the Jalie twist top to make the twist lower for another project, but didn't have any success with that. This sounds so logical, going to try that.
Keely said…
Sigrid, I hope it works for you. I've put up a link to the album if you want a closer look at the pattern photo.
Judy R said…
I'm sure if you made it without the underlayer, and wore it without another top under it R would change his mind! I like it on you too.