7 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged by Lisa.

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1. My DH never lets me forget that when I watched Mad Max2 I cried when the dog was shot.

2. I hate my food being mixed on my plate. I don't even like the different items touching. However, I love one-pot meals. Weird, huh.

3. I love horror movies and being scared. So you'd think I'd enjoy being scared by the spiders that have been coming into the house lately.

4. When I was a kid I used to climb trees and jump off the garage roof. Now I'm scared of heights.

5. When my hubby has read the newspaper before me, I have to get it tidy again before I read it.
6. I'm the oldest of 11 children. I have 6 brothers and 4 sisters.

7. I love Absolutely Fabulous (YouTube clip). Secretly, I really like some of the wacky OTT colourful outfits Eddie wears.

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LindsayT. You're tagged. :)


Dawn said…
Thanks for the tag! :D I had a hard time thinking of seven about myself. Once I started though, yikes, there are more than just seven weird/random things about me. lol.
Liz said…
Definately go shopping without your DD. I hope that the fabric you 'need' is still there. I was shopping with a friend and her DD said to her "Just because it is on sale dosn't mean you have to buy it"
Michelle said…
Thanks for the tag! :) I'm currently working on my response/tagging...