Thanks for the Comments!

Lisa aka The Domestic Diva: Good for you to resist the urge to buy more fabric...there's always tomorrow...LOL!You've been tagged:

Dawn: Thanks for the tag! :D I had a hard time thinking of seven about myself. Once I started though, yikes, there are more than just seven weird/random things about me. lol.

and Michelle: Thanks for the tag! :) I'm currently working on my response/tagging...

Thanks Lisa!(and I held out a week!) And Dawn and Michelle, you're welcome! It seemed a fun one to do. It was amazing how many things my family seemed to think were weird about me. The amount of fabric I buy (and store) was mentioned more than once. I claimed that in a community of sewers that wasn't weird!

Liz: Definitely go shopping without your DD. I hope that the fabric you 'need' is still there. I was shopping with a friend and her DD said to her "Just because it is on sale dosn't mean you have to buy it"

I did and it was, heehee. It sounds like your friend's daughter and mine have been plotting.

Aless: Good luck with Piaget...
and Don't give up on the garden,Keely.Start a cool compost heap(if you haven't already),using lawn clippings,prunings,vegie scraps, and add that result(more fibrous than what you get from compost bins) to your vegie garden.Over a couple of years,you'll find the dirt really improves.(We raised our vegie garden beds by 15-20 cms that way.)You'll get there!

Thanks. I just finished an assignment on Vygotsky. Next up Motivation and Assessment. How good's your memory? ;-)
As for the garden... I cheated and bought some compost to start it off but we've got the vegie scraps etc going nicely too. I'm currently at war with the white butterflies so I'm off to buy more netting tomorrow.

Sew4fun: IMHO you can *never* have too many Ottobre tees :) , especially if you wear them as you do. I'm the same. I wear my tees day in, day out, hence why I keep sewing them. There is something to be said about sewing wardrobe basics.
also Dawn and Nancy 2001 re my Ottobre tops

I'm working on the theory that until somebody says something they probably haven't noticed they're all the same pattern with different length sleeves, lol. But I am feeling the urge to sew something else. I'll probably get over it. :-)

And Judyr: (who now needs to do maternity alterations to her maternity patterns, lol)
I promise I'll drive over as soon as I get my Ottobre mag in the letterbox!