Friday, January 7, 2011

More ch-ch-changes

For some reason I've had that Bowie song going round in my head lately.

You may have noticed I'm trialling a new look for the blog. What do you think? It might take me a while to get used to it. Still, at least my blog is tidy(ish) even if my house isn't.

Today's weather was not summer-like at all so I actually attempted a bit of sewing accompanied by an episode or two of Mad About You.

It was the perfect program to take my mind off the fact I was unpicking armhole binding. I'm resizing a dress for DD2 after DD1 'went off' the fabric. Fortuitous perhaps because it was a bit short in the bodice length for her anyway. ;) Hopefully that means some more sewing to show soon.


Judy Ross said...

Like it. Now could you sew something please?

Going to be fun helping you decide which patterns to discard, hehehe

MareeAlison said...

I like it too. Good colours and sort of restful. Hope that's what you're after. Maree