Tuesday, January 11, 2011

De-stashing Patterns

With a move in our future later this year, I have started removing the junk clutter in the house.

Judy kindly volunteered to give me a hand with the patterns, so armed with chocolates, coffee and cola, we sat down Monday night and went though the lot. We ended up culling half of my pattern stash!

299 patterns soon to be gone (minus those Judy removed to her house...)

Leaving me with the majority of my remaining 268 patterns in the drawers (the Jalies are on a shelf with the Ottobres) and another 28 'probables' in the blue box you can see in the bottom corner. At the moment these have just been shoved in the drawers and still need to be organised properly. Maybe some others will join the culled pile when that happens. :)

There are also 2 Hotpatterns (my first) winging their way to me after I was inspired by both Debbie's and Michelle's results.

I still have to go through my mother's even larger stash of patterns. Somehow I ended up with all of them to sort out after I mentioned that old/vintage patterns can be sold. Judy and I had a quick flick through a couple of boxes and spotted about a dozen pre-1970 patterns, but by this stage it was getting on for midnight so have left them for another night (or two).


AllisonC said...

That is a lot of patterns (although perhaps I should count mine before I comment. I'm sure going through the vintage ones will be a lot of fun.

Judy Ross said...

I want it on the record that I only removed six, and two of those are only borrowed!

Also, the discard pile would have been waaaaay bigger if I wasn't so soft hearted about what you could keep!

Any time you want help organizing the patterns you kept let me know. I'm sure "we" can cull some more >:-)

Keely said...

You borrowed two? Pooh. I'd only counted one so that pushes my pattern count to 300 with my new ones, and if I keep all the probables.

Judy Ross said...

You aren't keeping all the probables. If you want them you have to read their reviews and justify to me, in writing, why I should let you keep them. I will be checking.

Sue said...

Well done you two on the cull! I am looking forward to getting a sewing studio and getting myself organised.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your de-stash! I really need to do that to the Big 4 sale patterns that I accumulated in my earlier sewing years ("It's only $1.99! I must buy it!").

You've made good choices w/those two HotPatterns! If you sometimes need to make a full bicep adjustment, watch/test the upper arm fit in the Sunshine top, but the rest of the pattern is curve-friendly. And can I say again how much I LOVE my Blvd jacket?