Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Very Spotty Top

Or how to score Mommy points.....

Yesterday I handed in the last assignment of the semester. As I dropped the last week of my life through the slot I felt like celebrating. Naturally there's only one way to do that - I went shopping! No surprises when I say for fabric, lol. I actually went to Spotlight for a specific piece - some parka nylon to make some quick curtains for the bathroom windows. When you combine dark mornings requiring lights on, the screening shrubs having been cut down over summer and neighbours potentially going past whilst people are having showers....... Some curtains are in order!

I was happily minding my own business walking to the corner I needed, when this fabric screamed out "Look at me! I'd be perfect for (DD2's ) disco tonight! Buy me, buy me, buy me...." (Well, you all know how the refrain goes.) I didn't even hum and ha for long. One metre of spotty fabric had to come home with me. It insisted. :-)

There was only one problem. By the time I got home at 10.40am, I had to be at Judy's around 12.30pm. After school was going to be taken up with basketball and followed by a quick trip home to get everyone changed for the school disco before we raced off. Whatever I made was going to have to be quick.
By 10.50am I had dug out the pattern I wanted. By 10.51am I'd found I didn't have the size I needed traced out yet. By 11.10am I'd cut out the pattern and was pinning....... I finished the hem at 12.30pm.

Here's the result -

I used Kwik Sew 2503 (OOP) which is the bigger version of KS2502.

I made a size 8 and lengthened it to the length of a size 14. It's a bit big and is going to fit her for a while longer. I wanted a tunic length and it's not too bad. I also cut the neckband twice as wide as the pattern allowed and overlocked it on rather than binding the neckedge. My original plan was to make a small fabric belt attached at hip length and with a buckle. But I ran out of time and as DD2 wasn't there to find out where her hip length was, and I didn't have a buckle or bead, it was going to be difficult. DD wore this with a pink belt around her hips instead and I also made a quick headband for her to wear as well. In the flashing lights at the disco she looked like a wee moving disco ball, lol. Those spots fluoresce under the lights quite nicely.

Next job - Urgent baby presents for my now not-so-pregnant best friend. :-)


Debbie Cook said...

First things first ... Judy had her twins???

Very cute spotty top for DD!

Sew4Fun said...

"for my now not-so-pregnant best friend"

Oh wow! I can't wait to hear the official news. I hope everyone is well. I hope DD enjoyed the disco.

kbenco said...

Utterly cool top. What a sewing whirlwind!