Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reducing the stash

I'm still here, just been snowed under with 'stuff'. On a good note, at long last the stash stats are going in the right direction! :) and I am finally in the negatives for the year.

Friday, I took the day off to get a bit of sewing done. I had planned to make myself another top, or two. Unfortunately 'mommy guilt' kicked in and the sight of my youngest in trousers that were threatening to become capris was enough to change the focus. All up, I made 3 pairs of trousers and 2 long-sleeved tees.

Trousers #1 - Burda 9867, sized up to a size 8, in purple polycotton sweatshirt fleece.

Top #1 - Kwik Sew 2893, size M (7-8), view A. This is the last of the knit that I used to line the hood of DD's jacket in January. I lettuce edged the cuffs, hems and neck binding with hot pink.

Top #2 - also Kwik Sew 2893. This time view B. I shortened the short sleeves and made a false long sleeve to attach underneath.

Trousers #2 - Burda 9867, green velour with 'mock coverstitch' (a-la Judy) on the outside leg in white. For this pair and the next I reduced the flare from the knee down.

Trousers #3 - Burda 9867, Pink ribbed velour with white mock coverstitch. I'd just like to say that ribbed velour is a pain in the proverbial to sew as the 2 layers want to slide different directions because of the pile. It was slow and involved lots of pins.

A total of 4.95 metres gone from stash. DD still needs more but it's enough to hold for a bit longer.

As you may have gathered, my dear friend Judy is expecting twins. To make sure she stays off her feet it was necessary to load her up with books for entertainment. Then, just for good measure, I gave her the 'nursery knits' and other baby themed fabrics that were hibernating in my stash. She is a much better and faster sewer than I, so I am sure it won't be long before it turns into a pile of cot sheets and baby clothes. That was another 33.35 metres from stash. Total for the weekend: 38.30 metres. Woohoo! Now I have a half-empty box in the cupboard......

Today I met up with Judy and my two other dear friends for a day of shopping, lunch and gossip in town. Very enjoyable. I actually managed to go through two fabric stores and come home with.......... NOTHING! I know! Shocking. Those stats (and the half-empty box) might even have a chance of lasting for a while.


Dawn said...

All of those are cute, cute! You made a mini-wardrobe in one weekend! I can'r believe all of that fabric came from your stash too.

Kat said...

I hear you on the mommy guilt. I've been sewing so much for myself that I just decided to hit the winter clearance racks for my boys. Usually I make their pants but things have just been so busy. And when I can pick up really nice pants at $5/pop, I'm not going to make them and will save my denim for other things.

Paula said...

That second top is super cute. How do you do the mock cover stitch?

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks, now I feel guilty. I gave away 11 of DS's pants last month because they were all too short. Now all he has to wear is his school uniform pants. Even though DS is 13, he still would rather wear pull-on pants with a faux fly. Of course that would be easy to make, but it would take time from sewing for me!

Cute outfits, BTW. I love the pink.
~Sherril Miller~

Judy R said...

I, however, came home with 2.85m of sweater knit (already turned into a wrap top just like one our friend bought that day), and 33.35m of Keely's stash. The fabrilanche is threatening to take over the house. At least cot sheets will be a snap to sew. Thanks Keely!