Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching Up.

Phew, it's been a while since I posted. I've been head down struggling with motivation to write an assignment on, of all things, motivation. Ironic, huh? :) I have another couple of assignments due in quick succession before a few days breather so I'll probably be a bit quiet for another week or two on the sewing front. I am really hanging out to sew something! Even a wheatbag is looking good, especially with the cold snap forecast for the weekend.

I had the shock of my life the other day when my 2 DD's brought up the possibility of them sharing a room so I could have a 'study' (hmmm.... I'm sure my sewing desk would fit in too...). I'm keen to get that done before they change their minds. I've wanted a sewing room study for a while now. I think they're a bit tired of being kicked out of the rumpus room so I can work so I'll have to make sure I need to work in there a lot until I get those rooms changed. (wicked laughs)

And just for something slightly more sewing oriented:

I saw this in the shop window of a local 'designer' the other night. (I'm guessing I looked totally ridiculous standing outside in the dark with my cellphone, trying to get the best pic. Naturally, the owner of the shop next door came out as I was taking it. Ooops. LOL.)

This is 'my' lace - the second blue one. I'm sure I could find the pattern for this if I don't already have one, although I don't know about the length. I think I'd go for longish hip or shorter.

I was interested to see she'd used the selvedges for the edges of the fronts and the sleeve cuffs, and overlocked around the hem. The neckline and tie were a velvet ribbon sewn on with a straight stitch to the raw edge of the lace and in places you could see the messy unfinished edge. I'm sure it would peek out as you wore it. I looked at it and thought "I can do better than that!" I haven't been in to see how much she's charging but knowing other prices in there, I'm guessing around the $120 - 170 plus mark? Oh, and I caught a glimpse of what looked like my purple lace hanging on a rack further back in the shop as a sleeveless dress length. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good look at that. So, that's another few ideas of what I can do with my lace(s).


Alexandra said...

You are too funny! A "study" (wink-wink) will definitely be useful.

Lindsay T said...

Did you examine your DDs to make sure they didn't turn into pod people or something like that? Do they want a new car in return? I'd be suspicious...

Paula said...

Did you check to make sure your real daughters hadn't been kidnapped by space aliens and these other girls left as replacements?

linda said...

hi keely,
that dress in the window looks a bit like butterick 5185 with the underbit extended to make it more of a wrap dress.